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Austria has various types of work permits and residence permits that allow foreigners to work in the country. Here are the primary categories:


1. Red-White-Red Card (RWR Card): This is for qualified workers from third countries and their families who wish to settle permanently in Austria. There are various criteria under which someone might qualify, such as being a highly skilled worker, a graduate of an Austrian university, a self-employed key worker, etc.


2. Red-White-Red Card Plus: Holders of this card have unrestricted labor market access and can work for any employer. You can get this card under certain conditions, such as after having an RWR Card for a specific period and meeting other integration-related criteria.


3. Blue Card EU: This is for highly qualified non-EU nationals who have a binding job offer in Austria that conforms to their qualifications. To get this, the job must also come with a gross annual compensation of at least 1.5 times the average gross annual salary of full-time employees.


4. Job Seeker Visa: This visa allows highly qualified individuals to stay in Austria for six months to look for a job.


5. Short-term Work Permit (Beschäftigungsbewilligung): This permit is for a specified employer and must be applied for by the employer on behalf of the worker.


6. Rotationsarbeitskraft: This is for employees who work for an international group and are transferred to Austria.


7. Entsandung: For employees who remain in employment with their foreign employer and are only sent to Austria for a limited period.


8. Freelancers: Those who wish to work on a self-employed basis might need to apply for a different kind of permit.


9. Seasonal workers and harvest workers: There are specific provisions and permits for seasonal workers, especially in sectors like agriculture.


10. Trainees: For trainees from third countries who are employed in Austria for the purpose of vocational training.


11. Artists: For artists who wish to work in Austria, there are specific provisions and permits available.



Each of these categories has its own set of criteria, requirements, and processes. Depending on one's qualifications, skills, job offer, and the intended duration of stay, one might qualify for one or more of these permits.


If you or someone you know is considering working in Austria, I would strongly recommend checking the latest guidelines from the Austrian government or consulting with an immigration lawyer or expert who can provide guidance specific to the individual's situation or Talk to our experts.