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The United Kingdom offers several types of work visas and permits for foreigners who want to work in the country. The specific type and name of these visas can change over time as immigration policies are updated. As of my last training data up to January 2022, the following are some of the main work visa categories under the UK's points-based system:


1.Skilled Worker Visa: For those with a job offer in an eligible skilled occupation. The individual needs to be sponsored by an employer who holds a valid sponsorship license.


2.Intra-company Transfer Visa: For employees of multinational companies who are being transferred to the UK branch.


3. Health and Care Worker Visa: Specifically for medical professionals with a job offer in the health and care sector.


4. Global Talent Visa: For highly skilled professionals in fields like science, engineering, humanities, and arts who want to work in the UK. They don't need a specific job offer but need to be endorsed by a recognized body.


5. Temporary Worker - Creative and Sporting Visa (T5): For artists, entertainers, and athletes with work offers or invitations in the UK.


6.Temporary Worker - Charity Worker Visa (T5): For those who want to do unpaid volunteer work for a charity in the UK.


7.Temporary Worker - Religious Worker Visa (T5): For those who want to work in a religious role.


8. Temporary Worker - Government Authorized Exchange Visa (T5): For those coming for work experience, research projects, training, etc., which is part of a government-approved exchange scheme.


9.Temporary Worker - International Agreement Worker Visa (T5): For those coming to work under international law, such as employees of overseas governments.

10.Start-up Visa: For those starting a business for the first time in the UK. They need to be endorsed by an approved body.


11. Innovator Visa: For those with a business idea and want to set it up in the UK. This usually requires investment funds and endorsement from an approved body.


12. Graduate Visa: Introduced to allow international students who have completed their higher education in the UK to stay and look for work or start their own business.

13. Post-study Work Visa: Prior to the introduction of the Graduate Visa, this was the primary route for international students. This visa category was closed in 2012 but was reintroduced under a different format as the Graduate Visa.


There are other specific visas, such as those related to the fisheries sector, and the UK may introduce new visas or modify existing categories over time. Always check the official UK government website or consult with an immigration lawyer for the most current and accurate information.