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As of our last update, Sweden has various types of work and residence permits that allow foreigners to work in the country. Here are some of the main categories


1. Work Permit: This is for those who have received an official job offer from a Swedish employer. Before a work permit can be granted, several conditions must be met, including the offer's terms and the need for the employer to advertise the job in the EU/EEA for at least ten days.


2. EU Blue Card: This is an alternative to the standard work permit, designed for highly qualified non-EU nationals. It requires a valid employment contract or job offer with a certain salary threshold.


3. Self-Employment: If you plan to be self-employed and run your own business in Sweden, there are specific requirements, including showing that you have the experience in the field and sufficient funds to support yourself.


4. Researcher: For those conducting research at a Swedish university or college, there's a specific type of permit, especially if the research period is longer than three months.


5. Seasonal Work: For temporary employment within certain sectors, like agriculture or forestry, that occur during specific periods of the year.


6. Working Holiday Visa: This is available for young people from certain countries that have an agreement with Sweden, allowing them to work, travel, or study in Sweden for a short period.


7. Internship: For those who will be doing an internship in Sweden.


8. Au pair: If you will be working as an au pair in a Swedish family.


9. Artists and athletes: There are provisions for those coming to Sweden for performances, competitions, or other events.


10. Post-study work permit: After completing studies in Sweden, students can apply for a permit to search for a job or start a company in the country.


Each of these permits might have its own set of requirements, duration, and conditions for extension or transition to other types of permits.


It's worth noting that there are also specific rules and provisions for those coming from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland, as they benefit from the right of free movement and usually do not require a work permit to work in Sweden.


Since immigration rules and permit types can change or be updated, if you or someone you know is considering working in Sweden, it would be a good idea to consult the latest information provided by the Swedish Migration Agency or consult with an immigration expert specific to Sweden.