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If you're interested in working in Spain, the most common way to do so is through a work permit. Spain has various immigration pathways and work permit options to allow foreign nationals to work temporarily in the country. 


1. Work and Residence Permit for Employees: This is for foreigners who have received a job offer from a Spanish company. Before applying for the permit, the employer must prove that they couldn't find a suitable candidate from Spain or the EU/EEA to fill the position.


2. Work and Residence Permit for Self-employed Workers: For foreigners who want to start a business or work as freelancers in Spain. Applicants need to meet certain requirements, such as proving the viability of their business plan and demonstrating they have the necessary funds.


3. Blue Card EU: This is a residence permit for the purpose of gainful employment for non-EU citizens. To be eligible, one must have a binding job offer or a work contract for highly qualified employment of at least one year and meet the salary threshold set in Spain for Blue Card holders.


4.Work and Residence Permit for Highly Skilled Professionals: Aimed at attracting talent in sectors where there's a shortage of professionals. This permit is closely related to the "Entrepreneur's Law" (Ley de Emprendedores).


5. Seasonal Work Permit: For foreigners who intend to work on a temporary basis in activities that occur at certain times of the year (e.g., agriculture).


6. Cross-border Workers: For residents in a country neighboring Spain, who are employed or carry out their work in Spanish territory but return daily to their place of residence.


7. Work and Residence Permit for Interns or Volunteers: For foreigners who wish to undertake training, internships, or volunteer work in Spain.


8. Work and Residence Permit for Transferred Workers within the Same Company: For employees who are transferred from a non-EU branch of a multinational company to a branch or entity of the same company located in Spain.


It's important to note that immigration rules and policies can change. Therefore, if you or someone you know is interested in obtaining a work permit in Spain, it's advisable to consult the most recent regulations or contact a legal expert specializing in Spanish immigration law or Talk to our experts.