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As of our last update, Hungary provides a few primary types of work and residence permits that allow foreigners to work in the country. For non-EU/EEA and Swiss nationals, these are:


1.Combined Work and Residence Permit: For most non-EU/EEA nationals wanting to work in Hungary, the process involves a combined application for a work and residence permit. This unified procedure simplifies the process and, once granted, allows the individual to both live and work in Hungary.

2.EU Blue Card: This is for highly-skilled non-EU nationals. To be eligible, the applicant generally needs to have higher professional qualifications (a diploma, for instance) and a binding job offer or work contract with a certain minimum salary.

3.Intra-Corporate Transfer Permit: For third-country nationals who are being transferred from a company outside the EU to a branch or entity of the same company in Hungary.

4.Seasonal Work Permit: For those who intend to work in Hungary on a temporary basis, especially in sectors like agriculture and tourism.

5.National Work Visa: In specific cases, third-country nationals might be issued a national work visa for employment that lasts less than 90 days.

6.Temporary Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment: This permit might be relevant in situations where someone has a unique employment status or if they don't fit into the standard categories.

7.Residence Permit for the Purpose of Research: This is for third-country nationals who intend to engage in research activities in collaboration with a Hungarian research institution.

8.Residence Permit for the Purpose of Family Reunification: While not strictly a work permit, in some situations, a third-country national who has a family member with a residence permit for Hungary might be granted this type of permit, which may also allow them to work depending on circumstances.


For EU/EEA and Swiss citizens, the process is more streamlined. They have the right to work in Hungary without a work permit. If they intend to stay in Hungary for more than 90 days, however, they should register their residence and obtain a registration certificate.


Immigration regulations can be intricate and may evolve. For the most up-to-date information and specific requirements regarding work and residence permits in Hungary, it's advisable to consult the official website of the Hungarian Immigration and Asylum Office or speak with an immigration professional familiar with Hungarian regulations.