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If you're considering working in  Latvia, the most common route is to obtain a work visa or permit. There are various visa options available for people wishing to work in  Latvia, though visa rules and categories can change over time.


1.General Employment: For a foreigner who has received a job offer in Latvia. The employer usually initiates this process and must prove that there's no local citizen who can perform the job.

2.Self-Employment: Foreigners who wish to start and run a business in Latvia can apply for a permit under this category, provided they meet specific investment requirements and other conditions.

3.EU Blue Card: This is for highly qualified professionals. The EU Blue Card is a residence permit for the purpose of highly qualified employment within the European Union. To qualify for an EU Blue Card, a person must have a higher education qualification and a work contract or binding job offer.

4.Students: Students who are enrolled in accredited educational institutions in Latvia might have the right to work a certain number of hours per week without a separate work permit.

5.Researchers and Scientists: For those involved in scientific research with recognized institutions.

6.Trainees and Interns: Young professionals or students might be allowed to work under training or internship programs.

7.Seasonal Workers: This is for foreigners coming to Latvia for seasonal work in certain sectors like agriculture.

8.ICT (Intra-Corporate Transferees): This is for managers, specialists, or trainee employees transferred within the same company from a non-EU country to work in an entity in Latvia.

9.Start-up visa: Latvia also has provisions for start-up founders wishing to start and grow innovative businesses in the country. They may be eligible for a specific visa/residence permit designed for start-ups.

This list provides a general overview of work-related permits in Latvia, but the exact categories and requirements might change over time. It's essential to refer to the official website of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) of Latvia or consult a local immigration expert for updated and detailed information specific to individual circumstances or Talk to our experts.