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As of my last knowledge update, I can provide general information about New Zealand work visas. However, please note that immigration policies can change, so it's crucial to check the latest information on the official website of Immigration New Zealand or consult with the nearest New Zealand embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date details.


As of my last update, here are some common types of work visas in New Zealand:

 1.  Essential Skills Work Visa:

  1. This visa is for individuals with a job offer from a New Zealand employer.
  2. It is usually granted for a specific job, and the duration depends on the employment offer.


 2. Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa:

If your occupation is on the Long Term Skill Shortage List and you have a job offer in that occupation, you may be eligible for this visa.

  1. This visa allows you to work and live in New Zealand for an extended period.


 3. Specific Purpose Work Visa:

This visa is for people with a specific purpose for coming to New Zealand, such as participating in an event, project, or undertaking specific work.



 4.  Work to Residence Visa:

This visa allows you to work in New Zealand for a specific employer for a limited time, with the possibility of applying for residence if you meet certain criteria.



 5.  Silver Fern Job Search Visa:

This visa is designed for young, highly skilled individuals who want to explore employment opportunities in New Zealand.


6.  Post-Study Work Visa:

This visa allows international students who have completed an eligible qualification in New Zealand to work in the country for a specific period after graduation.


Before applying for any visa, it's important to thoroughly review the eligibility criteria and application requirements. Additionally, the New Zealand Immigration website provides valuable resources, including application forms and guides.

Remember that immigration policies and requirements can change, so it's crucial to refer to the official Immigration New Zealand website or contact the relevant authorities for the most accurate and current information.